Castle Hill Covid vaccine hub

Fri 11th December 2020
Margaret Keenan

MP for Beverley and Holderness, Graham Stuart, has welcomed the news that Castle Hill Hospital is one of around 50 Covid-19 vaccination hubs in the country. Patients in the area will start to be vaccinated against coronavirus in what is a key turning point in the fight against the disease.

People aged 80 and over, care home, and NHS workers who are at higher risk will all be among the first to receive the jab. Patients aged 80 and above who are already attending hospital as an outpatient will be offered the jab, while hospitals will also begin to invite over-80s and care home staff to the hub to receive theirs. All those who are vaccinated will need a booster jab 21 days later.

The vaccine, developed by pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech, was approved by the independent Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency on 2nd December – paving the way for the start of the biggest immunisation programme in the UK’s history.

The UK has secured 40 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, the first of which arrived from Belgium on 4th December. It needs to be stored at -70°C before being thawed out and then can only be moved four times within that cold chain before being used. Advice on how best to distribute the vaccine in light of these logistical challenges has been provided by the Joint Committee on Vaccinations & Immunisations.

Graham said, “This really is wonderful news and is testament to the hard work of those involved to get this out so soon. The NHS has now delivered the first clinically-approved vaccination less than a year after the first case of Covid-19 was diagnosed, which really is incredible.

“I immediately contacted the CEO of the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust as I was keen to ensure my constituents weren’t overlooked in the vaccine rollout, and was very reassured to learn that Castle Hill had been chosen as one of the 50 or so hubs. It’s great news for all those who’re more susceptible to Covid-19 in our area.

“I think all of our hearts were warmed by the pictures of Maggie Keenan becoming the first person in the world to receive the vaccine, and while the fight might not be over yet, it certainly is good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“In the meantime, I can’t stress enough how crucial it is that we continue to follow the guidelines on staying 2 metres apart, washing our hands more thoroughly, and wearing face coverings – these are all key to keeping the spread of Covid down while the most vulnerable are protected.

“I’d also urge all those eligible for either the Covid vaccine or their flu jab, to get theirs as soon as possible.”


Photo attached: Margaret Keenan after receiving the world’s first Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

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