Brook Taverner - Summer Sale Starts Today

Fri 9th July 2021
Bt Summer Sale Now On

The Brook Taverner Summer Sale is now on. 

At 35 Toll Gavel, the team have been looking forward to help soften the blow of Freedom Day being postponed, so today Brook Taverner have announced "the Summer Sale begins". 

As we move towards a more relaxed summer, whether that be as a staycation, vacation, or look to experience long awaited reunions with friends and loved ones. Brook Taverner welcome you to come to the store and the message is clear: "We’re open seven days a week to welcome you in and get you what you need to restock your seasonal wardrobe". 

There’s nothing better than being well prepared for when the sun comes out - that means comfortable, lightweight clothing that lets you stay cool and collected when you need it the most. 

The team in Beverley have said there’s been no greater pleasure than opening the store’s doors every morning as it represents a gradual return to normality that everyone has been craving. They wish everyone a safe and happy time this summer, and hope to see you in store soon! 

Whether you are looking to grab a bargain or check out the new Summer Collection, pop in and catch up with the team at Brook Taverner. 35 Toll Gavel, Beverley, 01482 882356 

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