Mon 4th November 2019
Brook Taverner Autumn Collection

Whilst Brook Taverner have consistently led the way in top-quality, sensibly-priced, can’t-find-anywhere-else men’s clothing since their inception in 1912, and with such a heavily competitive market, it sometimes takes that something special to stand out from the crowd. The time has arrived for Brook Taverner to announce their own exclusive, Yorkshire-Woven Tweed Collection.

Worked on for the best part of two years and created with the truly unique Yorkshire Gent in mind, the inspiration behind The Haincliffe Tweed Collection can be found very close to home. In fact, the keen eyed may have noticed the

Haincliffe Road title in the Brook Taverner Head Office postal address, or perhaps spotted the road sign directly outside the Keighley location. It is fitting that the design has roots so close to home, as the Yorkshire-based designers have created a collection for the Yorkshire customer that is woven exclusively in Yorkshire itself.


The lead product of the collection is a wonderful three-piece suit designed to stand out. Made from 100% wool as any good Tweed should be, and with comfort in mind, the ensemble features defining blue, red and caramel overchecks with a fully lined interior and four internal pockets.

These checks are in keeping with the traditional Yorkshire heritage which inspired it and offer a subtle nod towards our historical weaving heritage through the use of gold matching that found at the centre of the famous Yorkshire Rose.

With the three-piece suit at the forefront, it is further enhanced by an accessory collection. The Haincliffe Collection also includes a top-of-the-range suit carrier, holdall, briefcase, and washbag as well as matching caps, gloves, slippers, wallet and scarf. All expertly crafted by fellow-Yorkshire based Abraham Moons of Guiseley.

Brook Taverner have always prided themselves on their ability to offer a range of items that are unavailable anywhere else, either on the Highstreet or Online. The Haincliffe Tweed Collection is a further example of this variety, and despite only being released recently, it has already seen success. This success truly epitomises the spirit, culture and heritage of the proud Yorkshire community and reinforces the positive image of the mightily proud county to the wider reaches of the Great British Isles.

Just Beverley