Beverley's Deputy Mayor to Become UK Representative for European Women's Academy

Mon 3rd August 2020
Deputy Mayor Pics Linda 21 Jpg

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe’s prestigious European Women’s Academy welcomes one representative from each member country in Europe every year, and this year that honour goes to Beverley’s own Deputy Mayor and St Mary’s Ward Councillor, Linda Johnson.

The EWA is the leading platform for supporting liberal women in politics. Women are under-represented on councils and governments worldwide, which means women’s experiences and perspectives are not taken seriously, if at all.

Liberals and Democrats believe that in a fair, free and open society, where 50% of the population are women, then 50% of the positions of power should be held by women.

The EWA aims to realise gender equality in decision-making and political representation across Europe. It is not an organisation which is confined to European Union member states, but embraces 70 European countries.

Linda said: "I was amazed and delighted to be awarded a place at the Academy! I’m not what you would call young, by any means, but I’m younger than Hillary Clinton was when she ran for President and much younger than Nancy Pelosi, who is Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, so perhaps the EWA recognises the potential in encouraging more mature women to stand for public office. 

"Personally, I believe that women of every age have life experiences which are relatable across countries and cultures; every woman has something she can bring to the table and every woman knows of issues which could be done better if only she could find her voice. 

"Too many women stand back for fear of being dominated by people who shout loudest and I am looking forward to learning how best to help them by improving my own skills and capabilities as an elected representative".

The Academy runs 3 sessions throughout the autumn and winter. This year, Covid-19 permitting, the host country is Belgium. 
Linda said: "I know from my UK predecessors that delegates were able to form lasting friendships with each other as well as with some of the invited guests, which included female Presidents, Prime Ministers, MPs, captains of industry, charity leads, writers, commentators and media personalities from across Europe. I will certainly be telling everyone I can about our beautiful town of Beverley - I wonder if I can get any of them to visit?

"Meanwhile, I am always happy to chat to women interested in standing for public office about my experiences so far, whatever their political persuasion. I can be contacted on 07585 802035".

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