Thu 12th March 2020

Beverley shopwatch is a town link scheme, that through a WhatsApp group and radio link, connects and empowers retail outlets in Beverley. This scheme allows those shops that have signed up to see what known offenders are around the area.

For those shops that sign up to the data sharing scheme too, staff can have access to the Humberside Police database of known shoplifters by picture book, which can be displayed in the manager’s office.

The data sharing scheme enables the Police to view CCTV footage of individual shops for purposes of identifying the people that consistently take items from our local shops and leave without paying.

Any shop in Beverley can be part of the scheme and it’s free to join; you only pay if you require a radio. The Police would encourage all shops to be part of this fantastic scheme.

For more information contact Shaun Dart on or 07703 320165.

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