Beverley is 1300 years Old

Thu 6th May 2021
Beverley Birthday

Beverley is 1300 years old.

Friday May 7, Beverley reaches a huge milestone in its history, celebrating 1,300 years since it was founded.
Historically, towns and cities in Britain were founded to fulfil a need. For example, Richmond and Scarborough both had castles, York was built by the Romans, and Hull was used for its port. Unlike these towns and cities, Beverley would not have existed without a man called St John, the Bishop of York.
May 7, marks the death of St John who died on that day in 721, who has left behind what is now the town of Beverley, marking its 1300th birthday.
As a Saint, St John was well-renowned for making miracles happen. People would want him to make them well again, or to be able to walk again, and on the back of his reputation people came from far and wide to see him.
The origins of the name Beverley comes from ‘beaver stream’, when beavers were once very common in Britain. Around the year 705, a monastery was founded by the stream in the town, which is where St John was buried. 
It wasn’t until 1037, many years after his death, when he was canonized and declared a saint. It was said that miracles occurred around his tomb, with stories of people being healed from their illnesses. 
Pilgrims started going to his burial place, with some of them hoping for cures and others merely going to worship. 
Through St John, Beverley started to grow and eventually became a thriving market town, for which it has remained today. 
Happy Birthday Beverley.

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