Beverley Art Gallery to feature renowned printmaker Laura Boswell in exciting new exhibition opening soon

Thu 7th October 2021
Portrait Of Laura Boswell

As part of its forthcoming exhibition, ‘Reflections of Japan in East Yorkshire’, Beverley Art Gallery is delighted to showcase the artwork of the renowned printmaker, Laura Boswell.

Laura works exclusively in the medium of woodblock printing and linocuts. She repeatedly travelled to Japan in search of a deeper understanding of the woodblock printing technique, typical of traditional Japanese culture.

Woodblock printing, sometimes also called colour woodcut printing, is a method originally used across Asia for the spreading of Buddhist sacred texts. The method evolved and became a leading artistic technique in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Japanese woodblock prints made it to Europe and America in the mid 19th century for the first time, immediately captivating ‘Western’ artists and changing the course of art history for ever. Japanese woodblock prints were instrumental in formulating modern art as we know it today.

Beverley Art Gallery curator Helena Cox explained : “Laura uses the woodcut technique to portray beautiful British landscapes from across the country, including Yorkshire, embodying the cultural dialogue between the two countries. I am absolutely delighted that we will be showcasing her work in this exhibition, which will in fact be her first public exhibition of this kind.”

Laura Boswell added: “My prints have always sought to connect the skills I learned in Japan with my fascination for our wild British landscape, so this show is a gift for me. I hope visitors will be equally captivated by the pairing of Japan with East Yorkshire and, in the case of my work, the wider British landscape.”

Laura’s work will be exhibited alongside a unique collection of traditional Japanese toys from the East Yorkshire based collector and expert, Jane Irisa. The exhibition will also feature fascinating items from private collections across the East Riding, including vintage kimonos, joyful souvenirs, items related to traditional ceremonies, and a unique assembly of items from the Imperial Court.

The exhibition will open on Saturday, 16 October in Beverley Art Gallery in the Treasure House on Champney Road. It is free to attend and booking in advance will not be required.

For more information please see here.

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