Beverley Art Gallery joins forces with the University of York to launch student placements

Fri 12th February 2021
Bag Red Gallery

The team at Beverley Art Gallery are excited to welcome four students on a digital placement from the University of York's 'Curating and Art History' undergraduate course.

The students would normally spend their time at the gallery as part of the placements, but as this isn't possible in the current lockdown, the gallery has designed a fully digital alternative for them. During their ‘virtual time’ at the gallery, the students will be working closely with the gallery curator. They will have the chance to have Zoom meetings with a wide array of museums staff working at the Treasure House and across the Museums service and the council’s communications team.

After getting an insight into the gallery's history and collections, the students will each design a digital project which will be used as part of the gallery's digital engagement on social media and on the website. Beverley Art Gallery is keen to work with students and young people interested in a career path in museums from across the region, and it is hoped this could be the start of a very fruitful collaboration.

Beverley Art Gallery curator Helena Cox said: “I am delighted to virtually welcome the students to Beverley, and in return to expand the gallery's international reach, as the students are joining us from England, France and China. I was thrilled to see the new Curating and Art History degree being launched at York, and I believe Beverley Art Gallery is a perfect place for the students to get deeper insight into regional curating.

“Exploring our collections will give them an opportunity to discover the fascinating art history of East Yorkshire while learning about the varied international projects the gallery is involved in.  And I can't wait to see the projects that the students will create for us and that we will be sharing through our digital channels.”

Student Sarah Burton from the Department of History of Art said: “I am extremely excited to start working with Beverley Art Gallery, particularly the opportunity to engage with the Beverley’s collection and produce online content to allow people to continue to connect with art during this difficult period.

“Throughout my time at the University of York, I have developed an interest in curation and would like to work in a museum setting in the future. The collection at Beverley covers Victorian and Edwardian art, which are periods which I am yet to study in detail. I am therefore eager to learn about the periods which the collection mainly focuses upon.”

Another student, Charlotte Ridgway, also from the Department of History of Art, added: “I am a second-year student in Curating and Art History at the University of York. This course started two years ago and gives students the amazing opportunity to gain professional experience in different institutions.

“In a time where opportunities and entertainment are so scarce, I am very excited to be working with Beverley Art Gallery. I hope to gain a crucial and unique insight into their collection and observe how such a gallery functions.

I am particularly enthusiastic to help promote their online exhibitions. As everyone seems to be turning to the digital world, I am grateful to discover and focus on these current ways of exhibiting art and gaining skills in this area of marketing.” 


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