Beverley AC – continues celebrating success!

Mon 17th June 2024
Beverley Ac Continues Celebrating Success

Beverley AC have had another rich and varied month, with a great choice of events as well as training opportunities. There has been a huge choice of local events, both on and off road, hillier trail terrain, with a range of distances on offer.

10k distance races have proved very popular with Club runners. The Top of the Wolds 10k, starting from Warter and taking in the challenge of Nunburnholme, saw Simon Bishop lead the Beverley team to the finish in 00:40:54, followed by Thomas Jorna (00:43:43); Doug Sharp (00:43:58; William Pike (00:47:02); Samantha Allen (00:48:42); Patrick Marshall (00:50:48); Rachael Hill (00:58:29); Sarah Fell (00:59:43); Jackie Hardman (00:59:50); Stephen Pointon (00:59:58); Nicholas Morrell (01:02:39); Nicola Riley (01:03:33); Paul Allen (01:05:21); Allison Hayward (01:06:43); Nigel Wilson (01:09:04); Alison Benson (01:15:11); Hollie Oxtoby (01:25:27), and Chris Gibson (01:25:35).

The Sledmere Sunset Trail 10k course, one of the Club’s handicap races, took place in the grounds of Sledmere House, where Simon Bishop was once again the first Beverley AC runner to complete the challenging and rather damp course in 00:40:55, followed by John Dawson (00:43:48); Doug Sharp (00:44:14); William Pike (00:45:28); Lucy Berriman (00:46:35); Ben Cowton(00:46:59); Graeme Pittaway (00:48:08); Bruce Woodford (00:48:30); Samantha Allen (00:48:46); Adam White (00:50:25); Paul Furness (00:53:17); Sarah Harris-Smith (00:53:50); Fiona Holland (00:54:04); Joanne Crawford (00:54:27); Richard Parkin (00:54:28); Nicholas Morrell (00:56:37); Rachael Hill (00:57:05); Tina Wardropper (00:57:08); Stephen Newton (00:57:20); Maxine Charlton(00:57:37); Sarah Fell (00:58:15); Lucy Bishop (00:59:48); Jackie Hardman(01:00:03); Nicola Riley (01:01:02); Robert Mayson (01:01:12); Elaine Julian(01:04:28); Megan Chown (01:04:51); Kay Farrow (01:05:23); Helen Ryan(01:05:35); Joanna Rowland (01:06:23); Carol Cooke (01:14:09); Cat Williamson (01:15:27); Alison Benson (01:18:48); Hollie Oxtoby (01:22:08); Chris Gibson (01:22:38), and Frank Harrison (01:36:48).

The Hull 10kms Josh Green raced home for Beverley in 37:40, only one second ahead of Connor Derbyshire (37:41), and followed by Jack Kane (00:41:28); Richard Uttley (00:44:51); Victoria Green (00:44:59); Louis Hammond (00:45:07); Ben Atkinson (00:45:08); Patrick Marshall (00:47:34); Adam White (00:48:04); Sarah Harris-Smith (00:49:41); Lucy Featherstone (00:50:06); Peter Henderson (00:52:57); Anna Ramsden (00:53:24); Elaine Lang (00:53:32); Lilith Waters (00:55:03); Tim Bourne (00:56:10); Jackie Hardman (00:56:34); Robert Mayson (00:58:11); Jennifer Hamlyn (01:00:57); Paul Readshaw (01:02:00), and Joanne Parnell (01:06:53).

Across the river, the Grimsby 10k, Richard Uttley raced home in 44:36, followed by Lucy Featherstone (00:49:07); Carol Botterill (00:58:04); Robert Mayson (00:58:09); Mila Ramos (00:59:32); Christine Whitehouse (01:07:56); Amanda Whittingham (01:08:02), and Deborah Swatman (01:11:13).

The blue and yellow colours of Beverley have also been spotted slightly further afield!

Based in Paris due to Paris Olympics work commitments, Lucas Meagor completed the Plessis-Trevise 10k in 00:48:55, whilst in The Lake District, Jacob Anderson and Sarah Anderson completed the Grasmere Gallop (3.6 miles) in 00:39:20 and 00:55:53 respectively.

Also in the Lakes, a huge congratulation to Ivor Roberts, who completed the Coniston 16k Lakeland Trail Challenge, (10 miles and 1,300 ft of ascent) in 03:11:52 and taking 1st place in the V80 category, whilst in the Montane Ullswater Way Trail Ultra (33.5 miles with 4,650 ft of ascent) Toby Wright completed in 08:02:26.

Rob Sparkes completed the Buttermere Sailback fell race, an English Fell Running Championship race with just over 4000ft of ascent in just over 9 miles, in 1:39:07.

The Hardmoors White Horse Half Marathon (16.5 miles with 1,624 ft of ascent) saw four Beverley runners take on this popular challenging event. Simon Shiels completed in 03:03:23, followed by Jo Rowland (03:40:58); Allison Hayward (03:40:58), and Nicola Riley (03:40:59), whilst in the “10k” event (7 miles with 900ft of ascent), Zachary Smith finished in 01:17:23 In the Swaledale Marathon (24 miles and 3,930 ft of ascent) Lucy Stamford completed in a time of 04:33:00.

The Club has also been very well represented at the two Champagne League races that took place this month, at Raywell (3.6 miles) and Brough (4 miles) and also at the 3rd Humber Open League meeting at Costello where Beverley most definitely dominated the 3000m event, taking two out of the top three podium places and with all seven competitors coming home in the first ten.

Rob Sparkes took 1st place in 09:10.9, followed by Rob Hodges -3rd in 10:24.8; Jacob Jorna – 4th in 10:35.9; Roger Tomlin – 5th in 10:47.8; Lewis Holloway – 6th in 10:51.1; Ben Rumford – 7th in 10:53.9, and Tom Jorna – 9th in 11:16.0, whilst in the 800m Rob Sparkes finished 6th in 02:06.0, and David Meilhan 7th in 02:20.9.

Beverley Juniors were also at the meeting and had a good turnout as usual, with a mix of some of our more experienced juniors and those taking part for the first time…Our youngest group, including newcomers Zachary and George, along with Addien, took part in the run-long jump-howler throw triathlon, with the run being either a 75m sprint (Zach) or 600m (George and Addien). Addien had a great 600m run coming in 2nd place. Also taking part in field events were Finlay and Hattie in the javelin throw.

On the track, the day started well for Jacob (U17 men) with a PB in the 3000m. In the sprints, Amelie won her U13 150m heat, along with Evelyn and Grace; Hattie was 3rd in her U15 200m heat; Lottie, Phoebe and Isla ran their 1st races for Beverley in the U13 100m, with Emilie also racing and Amelie who came 2nd; Willow also competed in U15 200m and 100m, and Harriet in U17 200m; then Poppy and Lois came 1st and 2nd in their U15 300m, and Meisha, Millie and Ameerah were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their U17 300m race.

In the longer races, Indie won her U15 1500m, with Finlay being 1st boy. We wrapped up with a bunch of 800m races…. Xavier and Sebastian ran in the U13 boys, and in the U13 girls new member Lottie came a great 3rd, chasing Evelyn with an impressive 2nd place, along with new members Phoebe and Isla. In the U15 girls, Orlaith took 3rd place in her heat, running with Hattie, and Poppy had a good run to take 2nd in her heat. Finally, in the U17 women, Ella was great in 3rd place in her heat, along with Roxie, Milla, Ameerah and Harriet.

Well done everyone on some great performances!

If you have been inspired to take on your own running challenge, Beverley AC look forward to welcoming you to the Walkington 10kms, which will take place on Friday 12th July. The 10kms route, starting at Little Weighton Road, Walkington is an undulating, picturesque, rural route, taking in a loop to Little Weighton and back to Walkington for a village playing fields finish!

The short run is a 1.75-mile multi-terrain route using road, footpaths and grass land.

Further details and information can be found on the club’s website.

New members, whatever your age and fitness level, are always welcome and further details about the membership and what the Club has to offer to its members can be found on the Club’s website:

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