Atom Bar Beverley - Explore Cheese and Beer together

Fri 20th May 2022
Atom C B

Discover the magic of Cheese and Beer  - "Together".

"I didn't know they would go together". Now is your chance to go on a night of discovery.

Wednesday 25th May, Atom Bar on New Walkergate, Beverley invites you to join them for a Cheese and Beer Night.

Atom Bar is constantly looking at new ways to build on the community feeling. They have brought to the area tasting nights, book nights, Quiz nights and also a running club along with the celebration of a beer.

To compliment the growing community and to welcome new people along, The Atom Bar Beverley invites you to join them for their first Cheese and Beer Night.

You will have the pleasure to explore the "mmm's"!! 

With 5 different Atom beers being matched with 5 different cheese's in 2 different ways. your senses will be sent to another level, the "mmm's" will be answered and the experience will open up new adventures. A few "I didn't know" questions will be answered.

Bringing together Cheese and Beer in a way you never thought of will lead to you to explore new horizons and provoke discussion to push the boundaries further.

If you love cheese and fancy trying something a little different and experience new tastes and matches, this is an experience not to be missed. Try 5 top quality cheeses being paired with 5 of atom beers finest to delight you in an evening of "mmm's" You will walk away saying  "oh, didn't know that would go together so well" 

For only £26 per person, book your place on the  25th May at Atom Bar, Beverley.


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