Are You Unknowingly Living With RAYNAUD'S

Tue 2nd March 2021
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People in Yorkshire and Humber could unknowingly be living with a painful condition called Raynaud's.  

The charity Scleroderma and Raynaud’s UK (SRUK) is warning that millions of people in the UK may be living with Raynaud’s disease without realising after figures suggest millions of people are experiencing symptoms, but not visiting their GP 

Nearly one in two people from Yorkshire and the Humber surveyed by SRUK do not know any of the signs of Raynaud’s 

Raynaud’s is a painful and incurable condition that affects blood circulation, most commonly in hands and feet. For some, Raynaud’s can be a sign of other serious health problems, including the potentially life-threatening condition, Scleroderma. 

Raynaud’s is a chronic condition that affects around around one in six – and has no cure. Cold temperatures and stress can trigger ‘attacks’, which causes blood vessels to constrict and temporarily stop blood flow, most commonly to the hands and feet. During an attack, affected areas turn white and blue, and become numb. As the blood begins to return, limbs turn red and become painful. There is currently no cure, but there are ways to manage the condition. 

It could also be a sign of a serious underlying condition, including the potentially life-threatening autoimmune condition, Scleroderma. The charity says early detection is vital to manage Raynaud’s symptoms effectively, minimise attacks and diagnose any underlying illnesses.  

From a survey of more than 2,000 people commissioned by SRUK, the charity found that in Yorkshire and the Humber specifically:  Nearly half of those surveyed did not know any of the signs of Raynaud’s (47 percent) 

Around two in three respondents from Yorkshire and the Humber (65 percent) admitted they would be worried by a Raynaud's diagnosis because they do not know enough about the condition or how to deal with it. 

Sue Farrington, SRUK Chief Executive, said: “Raynaud’s is as common as hay fever or arthritis and can have just as big an impact on daily life if not more so, but these figures highlight just how woefully unaware most of us are.  

“Raynaud’s itself is not life-threatening, but it can be very painful and have a huge impact on everyday life – during an attack, simple things like buttoning a coat, turning a key in a front door or handling bank cards can become virtually impossible. It may also be a sign of something more serious, so it is vital that people know the signs and visit their GP.”  

SRUK has created an animated video and worked with clinical expert, Dr Francesco Del Galdo, and supporters to produce a series of videos to help raise awareness of the condition and its signs and symptoms. These are being shared online. 

The charity is also calling on adults across Yorkshire and the Humber who may be experiencing symptoms to visit its website and take a simple online test to find out if they have the condition.  

The test, which has been developed in conjunction with clinical experts and delivers results in around 60 seconds, will allow people to find out more about Raynaud’s, how likely they are to have it, how to manage it and will advise if a GP visit is required.  

For more information about Raynaud’s, the signs to look out for and how to manage symptoms, or take SRUK’s online test, visit 

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