Allyson Kent - From her own diagnosis to setting up a charity to help others manage their fear

Mon 13th May 2024
Allyson Kent From Her Own Diagnosis To Setting Up A Charity To Help Others Manage Their Fear

Fear can be damaging to our physical and mental health and is completely normal after a cancer diagnosis, but no-one talks about it, stopping us from living our lives.

After the diagnosis, we are gratefully ‘strapped in’ for the physical treatment, which might be radiotherapy, chemotherapy, medications, scans and bloods, with the latter two on repeat, and there it is, fear of the ‘what if’, or it might be after the treatment has ended, with fears of reoccurrence.

I understand how cancer takes over our thinking 24/7, but this is not who we are. We are more than cancer and it is because of my own experiences and hearing about that of others, that I have explored how fear affects us both physically and mentally, which has led me to set up a new charity ‘YES I CAN’, to help people affected by cancer to manage fear.

This will be through the provision of face to face courses in the Hull or East Riding of Yorkshire or via on-line courses via Zoom.

The courses will help you to:

Take action; acknowledge and face the fears, supporting you gently from a place Allyson Kent - From her own diagnosis to setting up a charity to help others manage their fear of pain and paralysis to a place of power, looking at the things you can do.

Build your confidence to face your fears, using a range of tools and strategies to help you build your resilience and confidence, one day at a time.

Understand the Power of Words, those you hear from yourself as well as those you hear from others and how they can affect your day.

Reframe negative thoughts.

Understand the power of affirmations.

Be open to new ways of thinking, reflection and

• Understand the importance of self-care and self-compassion, now more than ever.

If you are interested to know more or register your interest for a course, please use the contact form via

Or email Allyson on:

Allyson Kent Founder of Yes I Can.

You can meet up with Allyson at one of the parkruns.

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