Fri 14th June 2019
Meg Burkill

Well-known Hornsea based ceramacist and artist; Meg Burkill, is to launch her all new pottery range from her brand; UTMEG
POTTERY named “BOLT FROM THE BLUE” at THECREATIVELAB on Saturday 15th June 2019.

The all new collection is made of a combination of both Earthenware clay, Porceline clay with decorative Cobalt Blue ink in the, now synonymous, NUTMEG style. The process is inherently tricky as the two types of clay used are not naturally compatable and it is a painstaking process to get the two to work together to create the desired effect, however that level of dedication on Meg’s behalf is what makes the new range both aesthically intriguing and very unique within ceramics.

Meg said ”I love to draw and the idea of drawing onto pottery with an old fashioned dip pen and ink intrigued me and after a
lot of trial and error, and a few unexpected surprises, it worked”

Meg spent many years as an accomplished painter, and THECREATIVELAB recently curated a successful retrospective
exhibition of her painting work entitled “BEING BOLD” at the FLEMINGATE. A number of years ago she decided to make
the move into the world of ceramics and spent time dedicating herself to the study of the craft at HULL COLLEGE.

Meg continued “My new range is inspired by my love of traditional Delftware pottery. I find its bright white background
and detailed blue decoration so fresh and timeless. I’ve used centuries old Delftware techniques to make something
that is obviously Delft influenced yet very Nutmeg Pottery in style“

BOLT FROM THE BLUE will launch on Saturday 15th June 2019 at THECREATIVELAB in the FLEMINGATE in BEVERLEY. Meg will be on hand throughout the day from 9.30am until 5.30pm with all the wonderful work in her new range to chat to ceramic aficionados and those who are interested to learn more about Meg and her work.

Just Beverley