A poem to celebrate Beverley Library in National Libraries week 2021

Mon 4th October 2021
Beverley Library 9 Jpg

It's National Libraries Week from 4- 10 October.

A poem from one of the library team, Gillian Washbrook, based at Beverley, highlighting the work that the staff do at the library and how they can help your visit be enjoyable and educational.


In Beverley Library you will find

Lots of books of every kind

Fiction, crime and romance too

Information, there for you


The staff are kind and helpful

Their knowledge knows no bounds

If they don’t know the answer

They will be make sure it is found


This national libraries week

Come and celebrate with us

We can show everyone who’ll listen

What the Beverley Library does


There’s nowhere else in town

That is almost all cost free

Come and see it for yourself

Don’t just listen to me


Need to do some printing

Again, that is no prob

Come along, get your code

And that will print your job


Our groups are up and running

And there is so much to do

So come inside and see us

There’ll be something here for you.


Don’t worry if your children

Like to make a noise

We don’t mind , it’s fine

So bring your girls and boys


We would love to see you

So, step inside the door

And after our warm welcome

Hopefully, you’ll be back for more


Gillian Washbrook,

Just Beverley