6-year-old boy running a marathon to show gratitude to frontline workers

Fri 19th March 2021

After being inspired by the heroics of Captain Sir Tom Moore, six-year-old Henry from Tickton, Beverley (recently moved from Nottingham) wanted to do his bit to support this country's amazing and brave frontline workers. Over 12 days, he will be running a marathon to raise money for the Frontline19 charity, finishing on Sunday 28th March 2021.

Over the past year, hospital staff, emergency response teams, ambulance support staff, social care and care home workers, agency and bank staff across the UK have put their own welfare and health on the line in order to help others. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mental wellbeing of these workers has been under an incredible amount of stress and strain. Frontline19 are there to help. They are a free and confidential psychological support service, who work with specialist therapy providers to help frontline staff in their time of need.

Henry takes inspiration from Captain Sir Tom Moore and enjoys reading his book. Henry also has a love for the outdoors and sport, along with his little brother Billy, aged 4. For 12 days, Henry is going out running with his Mum or Dad, and Billy joins in for shorter runs to show his support and get involved too.

Henry's mum, Clare, said: “As parents we are so proud of Henry. For him to come and ask one day, out of the blue if he can raise money for the doctors, nurses and all the people helping during this time, just made us burst with pride.”

Clare is a keen runner herself, and Henry and Billy have been to many races to cheer her on, so it was no surprise he wanted to run to raise money.

Keep up with Henry's progress on Clare's social media through Instagram here, and Facebook here.

If you would like to sponsor Henry and donate to the Frontline19 charity, please click here.

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