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UNO de 50 was created in the late 90's by a Spanish creative team who designed a style of jewellery that broke away from everything that existed until then. Tradition and modernity merged together to shape a different brand with only 50 pieces of each design made, each with a small padlock.

As UNO de 50’s popularity increased, most pieces were in such demand that more than 50 units were made; however, the handcrafted spirit that reflects exclusivity through design and quality was sacrosanct.

But the company fulfils its promise of exclusivity through limited editions of 50 pieces that are released with each collection.
UNO de 50 designs combine silver-plated metal alloys with leather, thread, resin or stone. The alloy, which is so characteristic of the brand is difficult to work with, but it brings to life the unusual texture which gives vigour to all thedesigns. Many of the pieces are created using a cast.

A model is made using wax of one type or another using a hand saw with the finer details sculpted using files, chisels or scrapers. Then the wax is smoothed and polished using an alcohol burner to ensure the right temperature is reached so the
material can be shaped more easily.

Once the jeweler is satisfied with the wax model, a mould is created where the metal alloy will be poured to get the first version of the piece. 

It is manually worked to ensure it meets the shape with a hacksaw and then hammers, chisels and micro motors are used to give the UNO de 50 original finish.

Some pieces are welded with torches, but all undergo quality control and an anti-allergic process with 15 micron silver-plating. Where the design uses other materials, such as leather or crystals, it is now that they are assembled. Guest and Philips at Flemingate, Beverley are authorized dealers of UNO de 50. UN Ode 50 not only looks good, it feels good, too.
There are men’s and women’s ranges, watches, accessories and more, some with the iconic UNO de 50 rounded ‘padlock’ which symbolizes the protection of exclusive, uniquely-designed jewellery.

Find your Perfect for Mother's Day gift, Guest and Philips Flemingate, Beverley, Offers in store through March.

01482 881001


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