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Street Angels

Cllr Healy, an eventful night with Beverley Street Angels

Councillor Denis Healy spent an eventful evening on patrol with Beverley Street Angels on the freezing streets on Saturday night and said he was “in awe” of what they do.

Describing his 4 hour shift, Councillor Healy said:

“We patrolled in pairs, starting at about 10.30pm. The first incident was some fighting in the Market Cross which quickly fizzled out. Street Angels are not allowed to intervene in fights, but can be around to offer help, especially first aid if needed.

“Next, we encountered a suited and booted young man in a distressed state at the bus station. He needed to get back to Hull on the last bus, but was struggling to find any change. A group of women returning to Market Weighton were concerned for him and lent him a couple of pounds to make sure he had enough money for the fare. The Street Angels were able to make sure that he boarded the bus safely.

“Then, outside TSB in Saturday Market we came across a heap of broken glass strewn across the road. Out came the dustpan and brushes from the Street Angel’s backpacks, and we cleared up all the shards of broken glass and safely disposed of them. All the time, people, were commenting on how amazing it was to have such public spirited volunteers in Beverley, clearing up the mess that others had left behind.

“After a quick tea break, we hit the streets again, more broken glass to clear up outside Fat Face, and then we came across a young girl who was in agony in her high heels.  When we offered her flip flops she was so grateful. She asked the Street Angel, Yvonne who was my patrol partner how old she was, and when she realised she was the same age as her grandmother, she welled up with gratitude that someone could be capable of such generosity, and gave her a big hug.

“The most concerning incident was an 18 year old girl, who at 1am was doubled up in agony on the pavement outside Prescott’s jewellers. She was crying out with the pains in her stomach, and Street Angels called for an ambulance. The emergency call operator told me it would be another 4 hours before an ambulance could reach this girl. The operator asked me if we could get her to Hull Royal A&E.

We asked a couple of taxi drivers if they would take her but they refused as soon as they looked at her, because of her state. Then, we came across taxi driver, Carl, who said he couldn’t possibly drive away knowing that an 18 year old girl was in such distress, and that he would take her to Hull Royal. The Angels said they would settle up with him when he returned, which he did, and we gave him the £23 fare.

“Towards the end of the evening, we found a £20 note  lying crumpled on the car park in the middle of Saturday Market, which paid for the Taxi Fare. I couldn’t help feeling that Beverley Street Angels’ own guardian angel was looking out for them with that find, and the Angels, with the Christian values that drive all they do, have no doubt about it.

“If anyone is interested in becoming a Street Angel, they are always on the look out for new volunteers, so if people can spare a Saturday each month please get in touch with Carolyn Bradbury. “



Street angels

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