Wilson Wheels Summer Deals Celebrating British Cycling Championships

Tue 18th July 2023
Wilson Wheels Summer Deals Celebrating British Cycling Championships

The British National Mountain Bike Championships are the pinnacle of off-road cycling in the United Kingdom. This prestigious event attracts top riders from across the nation, showcasing their skills, stamina, and determination.

The British National Mountain Bike Championships will be held on the weekend of the 23rd of July with racing on Saturday and Sunday. This is a stand alone event where the champion of Britain will be crowned in different age categories

The championships feature thrilling races across challenging terrains, including steep descents, rocky trails, and technical obstacles. Competitors tackle the courses with speed, agility, and precision, pushing themselves to the limits in pursuit of victory. The event not only crowns national champions but also serves as a platform for talent identification and development.

Each winner will receive a National Champions Jersey (red blue and white) which they get to wear for the following year in any mountain bike race for there category.

The championships will be held at Parkwood off road centre in Tong West Yorkshire. Local cyclists Nathan Wilson, Wilson Wheels in Beverley and Owen Lockwood riding for velo club Beverley who has entered the open category race (non ranking category).

Nathan has entered the masters race which is 30-39 age group which he came 3rd in last year (2nd in the 35-39 sub category).

Riders are gridded on there national ranking and will race a course for approximately 1hour 30min, the course is very technical with drop offs to jump over, rock gardens to navigate, similar type of terrain that will be seen at the world championships in Glasgow later in the year or any one who has followed any mountain bike races on tv recently. the elite/senior race is for 19-39 age riders and is the hardest fought category with professional riders who race over the world competing in it.

As the excitement mounts Wilson Wheels have decided to encourage local riders to get on a bike and have a number of Summer Deals for you to get your hands on.

Cube aim pro in Grey and Yellow Summer Deal down to £499

Cube aim race in Blue reduced to £549

With the championships coming up soon "Don't Delay, Grab a Deal Today". grab a deal on a new cycle helmet (Just in case)!!

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