Wilson Wheels - Riding in the Cold

Fri 14th January 2022
Wilson Wheels Uci Cyclo Cross 14 Jpg

It’s now 2022 and you may well have decided to get on your bike and get a little fitter. No surprise it is cold outside, perhaps you are starting to think, I will wait until warmer weather!

Getting out on your bike in January perhaps takes a little more mental attitude, but once that step has been taken the
fun starts. Just be prepared so you can enjoy the ride. Here are some ideas to keep you warm while you are in the saddle.

Layer up with Thermal Base Layers to stay warm, and put your clothes on the radiator before you put them on. It's easier to stay warm than get warm. Water resistant is better than water repellent fabric for keeping you warmer for longer. Wear overshoes to help keep feet dry and warm.

In winter, fit mud guards to prevent spray hitting you from both front and back wheels. Take a warm drink out with you in a hot or cold water bottle. Work a little harder - the more effort you put in the more heat you will generate. Monitor the weather.

Nobody wants to be on the road when it’s icy and can be dangerous, so choose the days and times you ride carefully. Happy 2022, have a great year cycling. Stay bright, switch on your lights - Be seen and be safe.

Just Beverley