Will You be Kind and Happy?

Mon 13th June 2022
Will You Leave It

Finland and Denmark are, according to the 2022 World happiness Report the happiest countries, with the UK 17th on the list.

The report looks at various factors including social support, generosity, life expectancy and the freedom to make choices. The report shows a strong correlation between kindness and happiness. Individuals that engage in random acts of kindness are generally happier and more compassionate.

What can we all do to promote happiness and kindness? Every day there are opportunities to help others, do random acts of kindness and exceed people’s expectations. A great starting point is to simply smile more!

If you have never read it, I suggest you look up Spike Milligan’s poem “smiling is infectious”. It is! Smiling makes everyone feel better, almost as good as laughter, which is the “best medicine”.

Acts of kindness may include helping a work colleague with a project, doing the dishes out of turn or making extra time to be with your family. Another idea is to send a thank you note, handwritten. Many of us were brought up to send these after our birthday and at Christmas. Now a quick text or email seems the norm. A thank you note is more thoughtful and appreciated. Of course, you could send one if you receive a random act of kindness.

Please try the above, you may like it and it could become a fabulous habit. If we all do this Beverley and the world will be a happier place to live in.

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