Thu 5th December 2019

Spanning the north of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia, this one-of-a-kind region within the Arctic Circle, with its 200 long days of winter, huge glittering expanses of snow, and amazing wildlife, is a magnificent winter destination and a fascinating experience. With over 190,000 reindeer, the animals far outnumber the people in this winter wonderland. There are many exciting experiences to complete, from husky safaris to snow mobile excursions. As Lapland is the home to Father Christmas, there is a chance to meet him too!

Reindeer rides offer a unique, eco-friendly way to explore at a gentle pace. Gliding across frozen lakes is a magical experience. They’re ideal for both adults and children as the slow speed means you can really appreciate your surroundings too. Reindeer play a big part in the native Sami culture, with herding of reindeer dating back centuries.

Before snowmobiles, huskies provided a fast, reliable way to travel vast distances and transport goods. Whilst there are many experiences unique to Lapland, this is truly memorable - nothing compares to the exhilaration of being drawn through Arctic snowscapes by eager dogs. You’ll speed through the frozen snowscapes taking in the beautiful, natural surroundings of Lapland. Skate across ice-covered lakes, dodge snow-dusted branches through thick forests or track down the Northern Lights on this unique mode of transport. The huskies’ excitement is infectious, and they’ll be raring to go at the command of the driver. Depending on timing, there are sometimes encounters available with the puppies.

Make your children’s winter wonderland dreams a reality: enjoy a private family meeting with Father Christmas on your Lapland holiday. With a charming cabin amid snow-dusted trees and wild reindeer, the scene is set. Inside is richly decorated in a cosy, twinkling display, where Father Christmas and his elves await. The festive meeting is a magical, unforgettable moment for both children and adults whilst on holiday in Lapland.

Just Beverley