The 3 Steps to Safety

Fri 4th September 2020
3 Steps

If we all follow the 3 Steps To Safety, if we keep doing those simple things like regular and thorough hand washing, respecting social distances and being aware of COVID-19 symptoms in ourselves and others around us, if we quickly get tested for COVID-19 when we need to and if we self-isolate and stay home when advised to, we reduce risk.

If we don’t do these simple things, we increase risk and increased risk will inevitably lead to more infections, more illness and more tragedies for East Riding families and it could lead to a local lockdown and tighter restrictions on all of us.

The council and our partners will be doing everything we possibly can to avoid all that and to protect our communities but we need YOUR help. By doing the right thing and following the 3 Steps To Safety, you are helping to keep yourself, your loved ones and others protected from COVID-19 and you are helping to save lives. By doing the right thing, you are helping to create an East Riding which is a safe place to live, work, shop, play, learn, invest and visit. Click here for more information.

Just Beverley