Fri 26th May 2023
Ssafa Need Your Help

For 138 years SSAFA have shown commitment to our service men and women, veterans and their families so that they receive the best possible support when they need it.

SSAFA set out to achieve many aims, these can be summed up as follows:

1) Understanding Service Men and Women's needs

2) Deliver consistent & effective support when required

3) Sustaining resources and providing the right skills to deliver the services

4) Raising our profile & strengthening our brand

5) Growing collaboration by working together

Soldiers and Sailors Families Association "SSAFA" - Need your help Over the years SSAFA have gained great experience and learned from a vast number of people within the services and from external professionals what it takes to understand the demands of service life and how it affects individuals in many different ways.

It doesn't matter whether service people have served in the UK or overseas, support is still available irrespective of how long you have served. "NO SERVICE MAN OR WOMAN IS FORGOTTEN."

When anyone in the Forces family finds themselves in need, SSAFA is the charity they can turn to. Whether it’s financial, practical or emotional, they provide the right kind of support, ensuring independence and dignity is protected at all times. In order to maintain and improve the already excellent service, SSAFA are looking to take on more volunteers, so the simple question is - "CAN YOU HELP?"

If you have some free time or you are looking to have a purpose then it's a win-win situation. SSAFA WOULD LIKE YOUR HELP.

Training is given in all the positions. SSAFA are looking to fill the following positions:

• Administration Assistant

• Branch Fundraiser or Coordinator

• Branch Volunteering Coordinator

• Caseworkers

• Divisional Secretarial Support

• Mentors • Recruitment Coordinators

• Treasurer Support Contact SSAFA on: 01964 552 837

Email: eyorks.branch


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