Small Change BIG IMPACT

Wed 23rd December 2020
Beverley Heron Lights 30 Medium Jpg

The people of Beverley are living proof that the small change in their pockets can light up the town.

Customers at Heron in Toll Gavel have contributed more than £1200 towards Christmas lights over the last few years by putting their small change into Beverley Christmas Lights Groups’ tins which are placed by the checkouts in the store.

In recognition of this, the shop is getting a large coloured light feature in the bracket above the shop to add to the festive atmosphere. The Lights Group have, like most other organisations, been unable to fundraise this year, so the contribution is doubly welcome and much appreciated.

With money in the kitty, more lights have been purchased and were switched on the last weekend in November.

The Group thanks members of the public for supporting fundraising activities in the past, and also traders in the town who have provided raffle and tombola prizes.

This year, Beverley Town Council have funded more lights in the town, which means that additional areas will benefit from being lit up during the festive period, such as the Memorial Hall, Well Land and Swabys Yard to name a few.

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