It's a 5 for The Refill Jar !

Thu 4th January 2024
Refill Jar Rating 5

Everyone at The Refill Jar Beverley are delighted and excited that following the latest inspection by the East Riding of Yorkshire Environmental Health Team, The Refill Jar have successfully maintained a Food Hygiene Rating of 5!

Having recently relocated to Flemingate to gain such a high rating is a significant achievement and is a true reflection of The Refill Jars dedication to maintaining the highest standards of food hygiene and safety, in line with the Food Standards Agency's criteria.

Ensuring food hygiene safety in business and retail is paramount to protect both consumers and the reputation of The Refill Jar, Owner Jamie, commented "adhering to stringent hygiene practices reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses, safeguarding public health. Our staff follow proper food handling, storage, and sanitation procedures which are paramount in maintaining a clean and safe environment for everyone".

Establishments must comply with local health and safety regulations, obtain necessary certifications, and display transparent hygiene ratings to build customer trust.

Prioritising food hygiene safety not only promotes a healthy community but also contributes to long-term business success and building customer loyalty.

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