Northmen Spirit - time to celebrate with something less ordinary.

Fri 13th October 2023
Northmen Spirit A Time To Celebrate

Northmen Spirit, Bar SEVEN93 are two vibrant establishments that have become integral parts of the local community, offering unique experiences to residents and visitors alike.

Located at 2-3 Cross Street, Beverley, HU17 9AX, together they embody the craft spirit movement. Tony said, "We’re passionate about sourcing amazing products from local suppliers and bringing our customers the very best on offer from Yorkshire and the North. Whether you enjoy the experience in the Bar or from our Bottleshop, we want you to enjoy the range of flavours available in Gin, Wine and Beer and want to share those experiences with others. We’ve hosted many Gin and Wine tasting evenings at home over the years and get immense pleasure from introducing people to their new favourite gins and spirits".

"Here, our customers can immerse themselves in unique spirits and craft beers from independent distillers and brewers and even sample some of the exquisite creations on special tasting nights."

Bar Seven93 is an inviting venue that has quickly established itself as a go-to spot for a wide selection of craft beers and spirits "a little less known".

Tony mentioned, "The beauty about having an old fashioned Liquor store downstairs, allows us to listen, advise and meet our customers requirements, whether they are looking to enjoy a drink on a hot summer night, a refreshing relaxing drink after work, or a hearty drink with a distinct taste. We can provide the solution".

Tony went on to say, "upstairs built with a sense of history in mind, we have Bar SEVEN93, where in a relaxing atmosphere we take people back to a past era with their favourite Spirit or Beer, or maybe a new experience to try. Something less ordinary on the palate."

Tony explained, "We have achieved more than we could have expected during our first year, regularly putting on tasting sessions in Bar SEVEN93, whilst customers get to meet other like-minded people who enjoy something less ordinary, from our chosen independent suppliers"

Together Northmen Spirit and Bar Seven93 represent the diverse character of Beverley's hospitality scene with a relaxing environment and artisanal craftsmanship that enriches the town's cultural landscape. Northmen Spirit, Bar SEVEN93, is truly unique in its approach to satisfying customers needs, whilst listening to customers they have built up a stock of drinks "A Little Less Ordinary".

Tony mentioned, "We sell spirits, beer, cider, wine and mead from our ground floor BottleShop from 11am Wednesday to Sunday, and have samples available for a wide range of our spirits.

Having our first floor bar we are free to serve a range of craft beers, local wines and spirits until 10pm Wednesday to Sunday. The beers are hand picked so that we serve a selection of styles and breweries that are not normally found in Beverley."

As Northmen Spirit celebrate their first year and go into year two Tony and Heather mentioned that they would like to build on their passion for history, especially of the local area, build on the tasting sessions, continue to deliver more events with producers where they can demonstrate their produce and explain the history of their Vineyard / Distillery / Brewery. 

Heather mentioned, "We will continue to seek out distillers and brewers from across Yorkshire and the North that are not stocked locally and bring them to the attention of Beverley residents.''

Tony added, "Our producers are constantly innovating and bringing new products to the market, we were recently one of only three retailers in East Yorkshire to stock the new Rhubarb and Raspberry Aperitif, Sommer.

"We are also looking forward to stocking a brand new Sparkling Wine from East Yorkshire in the next couple of months  We don’t just stock Spirits, we are continually on the lookout for new breweries and vineyards in order to bring the most delicious drinks to the people of Beverley."

Both Heather and Tony have built a relationship with Aurora Spirit (Bivrost), the northernmost distillery in the world, and were ecstatic when the distillery agreed to host a tasting event at Bar SEVEN93 recently, the range of spirits available is amazing and the event received great feedback from guests who loved the story behind the distillery and the opportunity to sample some VERY rare whisky indeed.

Northmen Spirit and Bar Seven93 focus on drinks from Yorkshire and the North, by focussing on this area they have discovered many producers who might otherwise be overlooked by other retailers who would take an easier option by stocking more established / familiar brands. 

Northmen Spirit, Bar SEVEN93 are in a great location in the centre of Beverley, halfway between Saturday and Wednesday Markets, have an amazing range of quality products and a passion to bring these products to the good people of Beverley and East Yorkshire.

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