Mon 21st October 2019

It is Cheshire in the 1930s. In the countryside, the tractor is taking over from the horse.

Wilf is a farmer whose traditional methods have served him well all through his hard-working life. When his younger brother-in-law Totty insists on introducing new technology into their family business, Wilf fears that the balance of nature will be upset. A family feud develops and things get worse for the family when a mysterious stranger appears in the form of a harmless priest, but the family fear that he is possibly a ghost or an angel or... a Boggart, a spirit portentous of disasters.

They decide to take action and their hilarious ineptitude and the interference of the eccentric busybody Mrs Mayse has dire consequences for the family.

A funny and thought-provoking story from the past which has something important to say about our present concerns for the environment.

Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd & Wednesday 6th November 7.30 pm
Other Lives Productions

Tickets £12-14

Just Beverley