Keeping active, keeping outside

Fri 30th July 2021

Last month the government eased Covid-19 restrictions, and while this is good news, it is more important than ever that we keep active while things start to open back up and our lives get busier. 

Bodies were made to move, it’s as simple as that. How many times have you heard that getting older is the end of being active? Well it’s a myth. No matter your age, there are plenty of ways to keep moving and feel good. After a year and a half of being at home more than usual, little victories when it comes to keeping active are important, regardless of whether it's something small, or just a little bit more of something you already do. Everything makes a difference.

Since the pandemic caused the UK to reset and get outside more, it’s clear there has been a general mindset shift amongst the population to becoming more outdoorsy. People have realised just how enjoyable and important being outdoors is, and some people have even moved homes to get a garden and have more outside space available to them whenever they desire. 

There are many benefits of regular exercise and keeping active for any age, such as; it can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, some cancers, depression and dementia, it can help your thinking skills, and it can help lessen aches and pains.
Perhaps you want to make these changes and keep moving more but are running out of inspiration or can’t find a way to make your activity a habit that will stick in the long run. Look to your surroundings and current events; we have much inspiration coming to us this summer in the form of the Olympics.

The Games will feature 339 events in 33 different sports such as; swimming, archery, badminton, boxing, running, rowing, table tennis, wrestling, high jump, gymnastics and much more. Make sure to tune in and who knows, maybe you’ll find inspiration where you least expect it!

Just Beverley