In My View…There Are Great Focal Points Everywhere

Thu 30th March 2023
In My View There Are Great Focal Points Everywhere

Spring is here, our corner of the world will be bursting with new colour. Bringing with it warmer weather, longer days and great photo opportunities.

I am going to focus on street photography. It is one of my favourites because there are literally opportunities everywhere. People going about their day, street art, street performance, window displays, animals. The list goes on.

Not all photos need to be of a beautiful setting. Some of my favourite pictures over the years have been of really random things, because they really capture the essence of wherever I found myself at the time.

I believe that street photography really teaches us to look beyond the obvious, and hone in on the obscure, or overlooked. Take in your surroundings and try to see everything as an interesting photo opportunity. There is no such thing as taking too many pictures, and it is amazing how looking through your shots later on can really unearth some gems.

Look out for reflections in puddles or windows. This can really enhance the image and create an interesting perspective. Much the same as shadows casting varied shapes across your path, or the light creating silhouettes of passers by.

Before you know it you will be seeing the world around you through new eyes, wanting to capture as much of it as you possibly can. So, grab your camera and get out there. Explore, enjoy and above all - see!

Happy snapping, everyone.

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