Incremental changes to prevent a health crisis

Thu 18th May 2023
Hundred Incremental Changes To Prevent A Health Crisis

I was pondering what to write to celebrate the 100th edition of Just Beverley when my attention was caught by an article on the television which reported that the UK is now at an all-time high for people being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes - according to Diabetes UK, the figure has passed five million for the first time and is predicted to increase with an “alarming” surge in the under 40’s.

This sparked my interest as I had recently had feedback from a number of clients who had made changes in their lifestyle and particularly eating and drinking habits.

All of the clients who had given me feedback had made significant but small lifestyle changes in just one session of hypnotherapy and were so pleased with their achievements that they posted their results online. Anthony didn’t want to give up sweets and biscuits completely but wanted to stop the evening habit of demolishing an entire packet without even noticing it... he wrote “I cannot speak highly enough of the work Fran does. She has more than helped me conquer my choccy biscuit addiction. Happy times and a shrinking waistline”. I bumped into Anthony last week and he commented on how he’d had to punch an extra hole in his belt so he could tighten it.

Andy said “I highly endorse you Fran - you have helped me do amazing things - today is day 100 alcohol free!” Andy is not an alcoholic but just wanted to quit the habit of having a glass or two or three of his favourite tipple and replace it with a walk in the country and more exercise. Again, in just one session, he achieved his goal and now has more energy for work and play.

Denise, who came to see me in March said... “I came last Thurs... just thought I'd let you know how I'm doing. I honestly came out of your house thinking I'd wasted my money, I didn't feel any different at all. I told my husband it hadn't worked and we were both gutted... but... it has! I honestly don't know how but I've stopped having the endless hungry / void in my stomach that I was always trying to fill. I've found myself eating less without even being aware of it. I've chosen healthy options, even had a satsuma when I could have had cake (unheard of). I've been shopping and was not even tempted by chocolate or treats. I've not had cake or chocolate since last Thursday... but I know if I do want some it’s OK as a treat! I feel free to just "be". If I lose weight then it's a bonus but I’m happy and feel free of guilt and pressure, I've got rid of my endless diet books, given away my Fitbit and scales. Mentally and emotionally, I feel so much lighter. I'm sleeping well and just happy with no drama, no torment, no good days or bad days... just happy days! At the moment I feel content but if I feel things going backwards, I will be right back on your sofa in a flash! Thank you so much for "re-setting” me xx”

All of the people above made a decision to change something small in their lives and achieved life enhancing and health-giving benefits. The added sugar in alcohol and “treat” foods like biscuits and cake over a prolonged period can be life-limiting and result in a diagnosis of diabetes. The good news is that the power to change is within you. Start of small and maybe do 100 extra steps a day and you don’t even have to leave the house - 100 steps up and down the stairs whilst you listen to your favourite TV programme. If you need a little more help, give me a call and I’ll let you know how hypnotherapy can help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals.

So, there’s my link with the Just Beverley 100th edition and I’m truly delighted and grateful to be part of such a positive publication. Congratulations to Just Beverley and all the contributors and the team who put the magazine together and let’s all keep up the positivity - here’s to the next 100.

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