HOB's - Shaking things up in Beverley

Fri 14th July 2023
Hob S Shaking Things Up In Beverley

When we first got the keys to House of Bevs the room was just an empty shell. It needed a lot of renovation work to create what it is today.

The Travellers Rest was a successful business with a solid reputation, but we wanted to breathe new life into the building and put our own twist on creating something new that Beverley didn’t already have... a traditional cocktail bar.

Myself and Josh wanted to create a business that would allow the community to socialise, enjoy traditional cocktails and enjoy themselves in a safe and relaxing environment.

When we opened our doors last summer we hit the ground running with some packed out weekends with people wanting to try the ‘new venue’ in town. We very quickly established our brand as expert bartenders and the place to be if you are wanting a quirky drink in an aesthetically pleasing venue.

This summer we have been hitting some record figures and the hype around the venue is still very much alive.

We have built up a solid foundation of ‘raving fans’. We have become known for our entertainment evenings such as hosting Beverley’s live comedy club (every first Monday of the month).

The comedy is organised by Mike Linwood who we have built a really strong relationship with over the last year or so.

The year has had its low points such as getting burgled and a few issues with the local council here and there. But we always bounce back and it’s been a wild ride the past 12 months with some unforgettable memories.

We are hosting a private 1 year birthday for HOB's on the 15th July so friends and family can enjoy the space we have created with some live music, comedy and good drinks.

We are focusing on our quiz night (every Thursday) currently and having kitchen takeovers with other local food companies.

This now only allows us to switch the menu and keep it fresh, but it also gives other local independents the chance to reach new people and generate more revenue for their own business.

We know how hard it is to keep a small business alive and thriving, so we collaborate with other businesses as frequently as we can.


Quiz Night Every Thursday 6pm - 10pm

General Opening Times Friday 4pm - 11.30pm

Saturday / Sunday 12pm - 11.30pm

Tel: 07475 268666



36 Beckside,


HU17 0PD.

Photo Credit - Andras Pipoly

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