Highway Code changes come into force today

Sat 29th January 2022
Beverley Cyclists 252 Jpg

There are new changes in the Highway Code for drivers, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians to be aware of.

The three main 2022 Highway Code changes are as follows

  • New hierarchy of road users (left)
  • New priority for pedestrians at junctions
  • New priority for cyclists when cars are turning

A DfT spokesperson said: “The proposed upcoming changes to The Highway Code will improve safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders, with those who present the most risk to other road users given the greatest responsibility in creating a safer travel environment for all.

“The Department has established a working group of key organisations to ensure that messages about the changes are as widespread as possible and our well-established THINK! campaign will continue to ensure all road users are aware both when these changes come into effect and beyond”


Among the changes to the Highway Code coming into force from today 29th January:

• A hierarchy of road users that ensures road users who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger they may pose to others

.• Strengthened pedestrian priority on pavements and when crossing or waiting to cross the road

. • Guidance on safe passing distances and speeds and ensuring that cyclists have priority at junctions when travelling straight ahead.

As the country starts to have more freedom in movement around the country and people begin to enjoy more freedom and confidence, THINK, and follow the NEW Highway Code changes.



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