Graham Stuart MP to hold public meeting at recently closed crossing

Tue 31st January 2023

Following the closure of the popular England Springs pedestrian railway crossing between Beverley and Woodmansey, Graham Stuart is hosting a public meeting on Saturday 4th February at 9.30am for residents to have their say about Network Rail’s closure of the England Springs crossing.

Almost 200 people have said that they will attend the meeting – and it is sure to show the community’s support for keeping the crossing open.

The public meeting will take place at England Springs Crossing (Long Lane side) on Saturday 4th February at 9.30am. What3Words: ///sweetener.truly.choppy .

Almost 300 people have let Graham know that they are opposed to the closure of the pedestrian crossing, which was announced without notice. Residents can complete the survey for themselves at

Graham has been working closely with the Open England Springs Facebook group to ensure their voice is heard and has arranged a meeting with Network Rail to explain their decision to close this well-used crossing.

Graham, alongside Minster and Woodmansey Councillor Kerri Harrold, will be meeting Network Rail representatives to push this important issue.

Network Rail claims that the closure is due to increased safety concerns, based on a fatality in October 2022 and a near miss the next month.

The track owner claims that the risk has increased due to the noise from a nearby building site preventing people from being able to see and hear the trains on the straight length of track.

Graham is making the point that closing the track would lead to hundreds of people losing their daily walk, commute or journey to school.

He believes that installing a traffic light at the crossing would mitigate risk while retaining public access.

Commenting, Graham Stuart MP said, “Join me at the England Springs crossing to show Network Rail what common sense looks like.

“I don’t think it’s right that hundreds of people should lose their right of way because Network Rail doesn’t like level crossings.

“Common sense is a byword for Yorkshire folk – and I’m looking forward to showing Network Rail that we have plenty of it here in Beverley.”

Sue Crowther, of the Open England Springs community group, said, “This meeting is very important for residents and walkers etc.

“I have confirmation already of quite a few of my group members who are going to be attending so I'm expecting a good turnout as we are all so passionate about getting this crossing open and as it was and always has been ".

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