Flourishink set for 2021

Sun 27th December 2020
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Whether it’s listening, speaking, reading or writing, communicating with others is essential for pretty much everything we do in life. It helps us understand one another, make connections, empathise, agree, or even agree to disagree with others.

From social engagements with friends and family to businesses promoting their goods and services, communication is everywhere

Flourishink is a start-up business offering copywriting services, which can provide that communication.

Many business owners are so busy running their businesses, they don’t have time to write blogs or articles that would inform customers about products or services, impart understanding, or update customers with new developments.

By producing quality text written in a friendly and upbeat tone, Flourishink supports small and microbusinesses to reach their audience, convey their message and connect with their clientele. 

Flourishink was started earlier this year by first time business owner Lara Blythe.

As with the start of any adventure, it’s been an exciting ride so far.

As Lara said “I spoke to many people before starting the business and learned that trepidation was going to be par for the course, so I plucked up the courage and launched! Now, I’m excited and looking forward to what the future holds.”

So, as we move towards a New Year full of promise fingers crossed for a future that is ’Flourishink’!

If you’d like to know more about Flourishink and the services Lara offers, email lara@flourishink.co.uk.

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