Flipping Eck They had a great time.

Mon 12th February 2024
Flipping Eck They Had Some Fun

On Sunday 11th February teams assembled for the Big Beverley Pancake Race.

The community pancake race is a delightful tradition blending fun and history, captivating participants and spectators alike.

The Big Beverley Pancake Race is organised, sponsored by the Rotary Club and The Beverley Town Council, in attendance the Deputy Mayor. David Boynton, to present the medals to the contestants and ensure fair play.

The original Pancake Race started in Olney, England, way way back in 1445. The race commemorates a legendary dash to church with a pancake still cooking in the skillet, refusing to be late for Shrove Tuesday services.

Today, this spirited event has spread worldwide, charming communities with its quirky charm and competitive spirit.

Participants, ​from all corners of Beverley, Hull and East Riding wore a variety of costumes which included local businesses / members of the Beverley Chamber of Trade, whilst others wore aprons ​to dash ​down Toll Gavel in relay teams flipping pancakes as they went, in a race against time and each other.

​One family from Holmfirth said, " We enjoy watching the Pancake Race and come down with our family from Walkington, it's just so much fun, the costumes are great, everyone has a laugh and ​everyone cheer​'s on their favourite team".

The race isn't just about speed but also skill, with participants mastering the art of pancake flipping while navigating the course.

Beyond the thrill of the race, the community pancake event ​brings about a sense of belonging, bringing people together to revel in shared traditions and create cherished memories​.


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