Climate Change Review Panel

Thu 21st January 2021
Linda Johnson

Liberal Democrat Councillor Linda Johnson has been working on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s cross-party Climate Change Review Panel which is scheduled for presentation to the Council’s Overview Management Committee next week and Full Council on February 24th.

Linda said:
“As a member of the Review Panel, I welcome the contents of the report and the Council’s recognition that they have to move quicker in adopting practices to reduce CO2 emissions. The Council has a published environmental strategy but it needs to do more to become net carbon zero by 2050. 

" However, the important thing is that all aspects of the Council’s activities are considered within the context of the impact they have on climate change and the continuing costs to the Council in mitigating them. The Council has had to spend thousands on flood relief schemes due to rising sea-levels and more extreme weather and that money comes out of tax-payers’ pockets.

" It’s in everyone’s interests to think about their lifestyle choices and be aware of how they can individually reduce their carbon footprint. I’m especially keen on walking and cycling to reduce the use of fossil-fuelled cars and would urge the Council to increase its EV charging network to encourage more people to switch to electric cars for longer journeys.
"I’d like to see an Environmental Champion employed by the Council, who can work across partner agencies as well as with communities in promoting eco-friendly, more sustainable lifestyles. I’m sure most people, especially children, are as keen to do their best to save the planet as I am.”

Linda Johnson is a Councillor for St Mary’s Ward, Beverley and the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on the Environment.
Telephone number 07585 802035

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