Caveman Trains Next Generation

Wed 3rd April 2019
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With a passion for classic and contemporary hairdressing and good grooming, Caveman Barbers has grown in popularity since its inception in 2015.

Beverley resident Nico Jamil opened Caveman’s doors on June 29th 2015, bringing his passion for good hair and beard care to Beverley. Why was the shop called ‘Caveman’? Because when Nico had a beard and long hair, friends would say he
looked like a cave man! The long hair has since gone in favour of a more traditional hair-style and the hair and beard are now groomed with Nico’s own grooming products.

Caveman offers the following services: hair wash, haircut, clipper cut, dry cut, hair styling, hair re-styling, blow dry; beard tidy, beard trim, moustache trim, wet shave with hot towel, shave and shape-up. Nico and his team, Jessica and Tito, have built up a very loyal customer base over the years with many endorsements on the Caveman Facebook page singing the praises of
their professionalism and customer care. 

Nico said: “I love making people look good and putting a smile on people’s faces! I have seen fashions come and go, but it’s given me great experience in being able to advise what style I think will suit a client. Now we have our own grooming products, I can also recommend how customers can best look after their ‘look’ until their next visit. To me, being a barber is a passion, not work. The shop is open 7 days a week because I love what I’m doing! It’s a privilege to make someone look their best.”

Caveman products have been created based on a fragrance called Dogma which contains essential oils, herbs, spices, fruits and just a hint of tobacco. The range includes hair-care and hair-styling products and shaving and beard-care. They are
designed to reflect the barbershop heritage, are of high quality and retail at a fair price. They are continually evolving to ensure they meet the expectations of today’s clientele and are worthy of
bearing the Caveman label. Nico and his staff are proud that they get such complimentary customer feedback, which is reflected by the repeat visits of his loyal customer base.

The shop is warm and welcoming. Caveman Barbershop’s ethos of traditional customer care with traditional hairdressing skills which encompass classic and more modern techniques ensures its appeal, to young people wanting to be on-trend, to the business person needing to look well-groomed or to the older member of our society who wants a barber as it used to be.
What next for the Caveman.

Nico's new Hairdressing academy based on the 1st floor of the Caveman Barbers is set to train the next generation in classic and contemporary hairdressing and grooming, including wet shave and cut throat techniques. The academy will be open four days a week to deliver the skills for the next generation barber.

You can find Caveman Barber at 13, Butcher Row, Beverley, HU17 0AA. Tel 01482 872172.
Bookings are advisable but not always necessary

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