Albies at the Heart of the Community

Mon 5th February 2024
Albies At The Heart Of The Community

Over the years a lot has changed on Lincoln Way, and some would say the heart had been taken away with the closure of the local pubs. Good friends Lenny and Rob are looking to put the heart back in the community at "Albies".

The signs were there - Lenny is known as Albie to his family, Rob's dog "Albie" is soft natured with a lovely heart, and Rob's wife of 34 years who he met in Malta, "Qalbi" means 'My Heart" in Maltese.

The guys commented, "Lincoln Way and the surrounding area needs a community hub to put the heart back into the area. We want "Albies" to be at the heart of the community.

"We wanted to develop a family and dog friendly community hub, bringing in a family atmosphere, coffee mornings, bingo, quiz nights, and family entertainment, the location is ideal".

The joint owners mentioned, "Community hubs are essential for the health and wellbeing of families, building social connections. We aim to achieve this with the help and experience of manager Rob and Rachel. The aim is to provide a family atmosphere, a sense of belonging, for activities and interaction to build a vibrant community.

"With the assistance of entertainment manager Kev, we will keep everyone up to speed with Albies - at the Heart of the Community regular bingo sessions, karaoke, quiz nights, live entertainment and more".

To find out what's going on at "Albies" and be part of the community hub, go to Facebook: albiesbar

Tel: 07802 848546

Opening times:

Monday to Thursday, 4pm - 11pm

Friday to Sunday, Noon - 11pm

Just Beverley