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Christingle Service

Help celebrate 50 years of Christingle!

Christingle was popularized in the United Kingdom by John Pensom in 1968. He was raising funds for the charity The Children's Society. In the 2000s over 5,000 Christingle services were being held in the UK every year. Each year, Christingle raises over £1.2million to help vulnerable young people.


A Christingle usually consists of:

An orange, representing the world
A candle pushed into the centre of the orange, then lit, representing Jesus Christ as Light of the World
A red ribbon wrapped around the orange or a paper frill around the candle, representing the blood of Christ
Dried fruits and/or sweets skewered on cocktail sticks pushed into the orange, representing the fruits of the earth and the four seasons. Cloves can also be added.

At a Christingle Service, everyone makes their own Christingle - and enjoys eating the sweets afterwards.