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Inches Weight Loss Studio

Inches Body Studio offers more than just weight loss

Situated at the town end of Norwood, at No 1, Norwood, is Inches Body Studio. It has been there for 24 years, helping ladies become fitter and healthier by improving their mobility, increasing muscle tone and joint mobility and helping them to lose inches of unwanted fat.

At the moment Inches is ladies only but now the owner, Yvonne Jones, is keen to extend that service to gentlemen who may wish to avail themselves of her expertise by beginning men only sessions in an evening.

Yvonne told Just Beverley that when the salon first opened it was mainly younger ladies who went to Inches, wanting to lose weight by using the latest fad. Shapemaster Toning Tables were all the rage – hairdressing salons had them installed rather than therapy centres - as they were marketed as being the lazy alternative to eating healthy food and exercising regularly for guaranteed weight and inch loss.

They are still an excellent start to any weight loss programme, but Yvonne’s training and expertise has extended that initial use into something more – because the Tables are wonderful for people who would not be able to exercise otherwise and would definitely not be able to use a gym due to the high impact, repetitive and joint-stressing routines which gym instructors recommend. So people who have pre-existing medical conditions or are unfit can use the Tables with safety, helping them to become supple as well as keeping slim. 

This makes sense, as the Tables were first designed in the 1930’s to help polio victims and other paraplegics regain muscle fitness passively.

So how do the Toning Tables work? The seven machines (or Tables) help the body perform movements mechanically-matched to the body’s own movements whilst lying or sitting.

Research has found that  this elongates muscle fibres as would happen with stretching, yoga or Pilates, rather than shorten them as gym-based exercises tend to do. Because the machines are power assisted, there is no need to overcome initial inertia as is the case when using a gym so they are suitable for almost everyone. As users gain fitness, increased resistance and more extensive stretches can be incorporated, so improving muscle tone and flexibility even further and this is what helps with inch loss, too.

Yvonne’s clientele has become more mature but she loves helping people to live more mobile lives. She has helped clients who are living with ME, MS, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis or have had knee and hip replacements or a stroke. She also finds that the Toning Tables have another major advantage. Because they help with relaxation they can be positive therapy for people suffering from depression or stress. Anyone living with any of these illnesses are very welcome to a week’s free trial.

Inches also has a Vibraxis machine which can help with bone density, which is important for post-menopausal women.

Yvonne said “Some of my clients want to lose weight as well as inches, which we help them with by offering diet advice. Others want help with fluid retention and cellulite for which we offer Linfogei (lymphatic drainage) and Universal Contour Wraps.

But all of these are additional to the Toning Tables because most of my clients just want to feel stronger and more toned. We always take measurements and everyone is amazed that they have lost inches, especially round their middle, just by relaxing on these tables for 1 hour two-to-three times a week.”

Yvonne is ably assisted by her daughter, Neely, and colleagues Sue and Suzi, who are just as passionate about helping people, which is why they want to encourage men to discover this amazing way of improving their health and wellbeing.

Any gentlemen are very welcome to call Inches for an informal chat.

Inches is open from 8.15am - 7pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 11am Saturday. Telephone 01482 865229 or e-mail

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