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Rachel's Beauty World

Rachel’s Beauty World is an anti-aging laser and slimming clinic, which aims to make you look younger and ‘feel good in the skin you live in’.

Run by Rachel and Arne Toft, the clinic opened on Wednesday Market in January after extensive research by the couple into the latest treatment methods and machine technology.

“Not all machines are the same,” Rachel said. “Our tattoo removal machine operates at a very fast frequency, making the treatment as pain free as possible. It gives short, sharp concentrated shots to break down the pigmentation. It is efficient and comfortable.

“Copycat products can be dangerous and ineffective. For the oxygen facial, for example, you need to get the right mix of antioxidants and vitamins. Systems for treatment can be a minefield. You might think there is only one type of hyaluronic acid, but if you get the wrong molecular size it won’t go into the dermis of your skin. So, you are wasting money as all it does is sit on the surface.”

Knowledge like this ensures that Beverley will be getting the best service and treatment possible; something on which Rachel’s Beauty World is priding itself.

“We looked for a niche in the market which would be good in Beverley,” Arne added. “We looked at the area and it suits our target market. Beverley has the right mindset of people looking for these treatments. I am not saying people in Beverley are ugly, but we can definitely make them feel and look better!

“We tried it out in Spain, but it was limited and very expensive. We have been studying for a year, looking at markets, products, treatments and prices, and received training from the British Medical Laser Association.

“We wanted to get all perspectives on treatment, as suppliers are obviously only going to tell you one thing. So we looked at forums to see what real customers were saying, to find out the pros and cons, dangers, risks and what works. We have safeguarded everything we can so people know they are in safe hands when they come to us. We have all the safety certificates. We have even tried the treatments ourselves, so we know they work.”

Rachel and Arne are professional, but open and friendly and without jargon. There is no hard sell and it isn’t a clinical, scary place. They don’t want people to feel intimidated.

Rachel’s Beauty World also aims to make their treatments affordable, not exclusive, with a sliding payment scale. You are not tied into any contracts, so if you don’t think the treatment is for you, or it isn’t working as you had hoped, you don’t have to carry on. There are no direct debit payments, it is purely a pay as you go system. The more treatments you have, the cheaper they get, but there is no upfront fee or initial payment required.

“We will do a medical background consultation to find out what would work for each client,” Rachel said. “We have a plethora of treatments to cover almost everybody’s needs.”

Examples of these include their signature ‘Madonna Facial’, or Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial, which includes a five-stage process - microdermabrasion to get rid of the dead skin cells, facial steaming to open the pores, an optional dermarolling which involves 0.2mm needles being rolled across the skin, then the oxygen facial, followed by some hydrating moisturising cream.

The facial can help with acne on your face as it cleans inside and provides healthy, glowing skin. It also assists with kickstarting the production of collagen in the skin, which can slow down after the age of 30. And it is totally painless.

The Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial can also be used on the scalp to promote hair thickening or to treat dry scalp conditions, as it puts the nutrients back in by pushing them further in and regenerating hair follicles.

Their Cryolipolysis treatment freezes fat cells in a chosen area, so they won’t come back again in the same place. “Although fat will continue to build in other areas if you continue to eat unhealthily!” Arne caveated.

“We love seeing results and making people happy,” Rachel said. “The best form of marketing is word of mouth and people being satisfied with what they have got. We might not be able to make you sing like Madonna, but we can make you as beautiful.”

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