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Gary McCune, Indicoll

Gary McCune - Service Director at indicoll, AdWords professional and, in his spare time, District Commissioner (local manager) for City of Hull Scouts.

Is it that time already? - Chris Evans is talking to the kids on the radio - It must be 7.30 and time to get up - almost! I head for the shower before leaving for work after checking I have everything I need for the day and the night. I know I have two meetings for Scouts after work so there'll be no time to be popping home. Arriving at work, with any luck there'll be a coffee on my desk, but no such luck this morning.

Today is a typical day, looking after our clients’ AdWords, working on changes and making overall improvements. I get stuck in with the first and notice that we're doing well, achieving a good position for the keywords we're bidding on.

Next, it's on to another of our clients, which takes a bit longer. Again, a check of the keywords, the search terms reveals a few modifications that need to be made. I do some background work on some alternative search terms for the client and add in more keywords that we can bid on, with the potential of more customers.

A look at the clock and it's lunchtime - a quick trip to the handy deli just downstairs sees me return with a beef sandwich, some crisps and a caramel slice (ok, I should skip that, I know!). During lunch I catch up on the news to see what's happening in the world and check my email. My colleague is finally making a coffee, so that's one less thing to do!

Soon back to work, I need to prepare a report for a couple of our clients to show how they're progressing in Google and how their paid AdWords campaigns are performing. We have achieved good results this month, so they'll be happy. As I prepare the reports, I tweak some of the bid prices to achieve the results required.

Before I leave for the first scout meeting, I need to print some information. The group has tripled in size since my last visit. Here I meet one our potential new leaders who is looking to get involved with Scouting. While I'm there, I sign a few forms - no mean feat writing inside all the boxes in block capitals!

Next, I need to visit an Explorer Scout group at the other side of Hull. Leaving around 8.30pm, I visit another group nearby who are out Geocaching, before returning home and having the chance to grab some food.

I half watch TV, while having a few games of Candy Crush, before I give in and head off to bed, but not before checking what tomorrow has in store... but that's another day!

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