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Time to Make a Difference, Time to Make a Will

Do you have a will?

Understandably, writing a will is a delicate and sensitive subject, but the process doesn't need to be as upsetting or difficult as you might think. In fact, having made a will can relieve stress by giving you the feeling that you've done everything correctly and tied up any loose ends. 

APS Legal serve the working and retired, the employed and self-employed, professionals and business owners – and work closely with their other professional advisers on your behalf. The service they offer provides a convenient and cost effective alternative to that offered by solicitors and banks. APS Legal visit you in the privacy and comfort of your own home, their consultations are free and everything is explained to your understanding.

Will my children be safe? What will happen to my possessions? Will my spouse claim everything? Are just some of the daunting questions you might ask yourself when you think about writing a will - how prepared are you?

Jenny Fothergill of APS Legal has 10 persuading facts to change your mind about will writing:

  1. If there's no will, rules do exist - but maybe not what you think or want.
  2. You choose when you make a will: you can specify who needs to deal with everything, and who inherits.
  3. Help your family: a will can save time and cost for your loved ones.
  4. Your wife/ husband gets everything, don't they? Not necessarily.
  5. Are you co-habiting? Your partner is not automatically entitled to any of your assets when you die - no matter how long your relationship has been in existence - unless you make a will.
  6. Appoint Guardians for children: if you don't it's up to social service to decide (not family).
  7. Gifts and legacies: to leave an amount or gift to a friend or charity, you have to make a will.
  8. After passing everything to my spouse, everything will pass to my children, won't it? Not necessarily; making a will can give different options.
  9. Avoid disputes and family fall-outs: remove any doubt about who you want to leave your estate to.
  10. Inheritance Tax. IHT is 40%. With specialist advice you can make plans during your lifetime to reduce IHT liability. 

If you would like specialist advice and information, please contact Jenny Fothergill AIPW, LLB (Hons) of APS Legal on 07796858289. APS Legal and Associates are professional Will Writing & Legal Specialist Estate Planning Practitioners.

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